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Conference Venue Event Planning Services

Event Management and Coordination

Corporate event planning is best handled by an event manager, which gathers all event information and disseminates that information to the operating departments. Some of these departments include audio-visual, electrical, telecommunications, technical, housekeeping, food & beverage, security, and the event staff.

Conference Venue Event Planning Services

Audio Visual

Everlast Productions is the preferred supplier of AV equipment and service at the Fort Lauderdale Convention Center. Everlast Productions is one of the world's largest meeting and planning services company with an inventory of over 100 million dollars in state of the art gear. The professional, on-site manager offers complete assistance in planning the presentation and designing a program to fit the budget.

Electric and Utilities

Electrical and utility services are offered exclusively through Edlen Electrical Exhibition Services, Inc., which provides the finest service and equipment to show managers and exhibitors.

Telecommunications and Internet

The Telecommunications Department provides exclusive services that can be tailored to meet specific needs. Our convention and meeting facility can provide Internet connectivity at high speeds (T-1) through CCLD. All meeting rooms and ballrooms are equipped with Ethernet connection and capabilities. The Exhibit Hall also has the same capabilities through wireless technology.

Equipment Inventory and Rental

The rates for rental equipment are available on a rate schedule. All conference venue equipment will be setup and operated by authorized personnel. Equipment is available as inventory permits.

Event Cleaning

The conference facility will be provided to the licensee in a "clean" condition. During the event, our housekeeping department will maintain all public areas such as lobbies, hallways, restrooms and meeting rooms except when these areas are being utilized as exhibition space.

Food and Beverage

Our convention center maintains an exclusive food and beverage department operated by SAVOR. They offer the finest quality products and service for all Florida corporate events.


Our Florida conference facility features exclusive in-house security with 24-hour security coverage for the center's perimeter areas, internal corridors and life safety alarm system.

Event Staff

Accurate Event Services provides an exclusive Florida corporate event staff at our convention center. The Event Manager can help you with the setup of their services. Services include show and overnight event staff, badge checkers, ticket takers, coat & luggage check, etc. Event Staff are required for all events during move-in, event, and move-out hours. An Accurate Event Services representative will be in contact to develop a comprehensive, cost effective event personnel plan.