Event Planning Checklist

Following the execution of the license agreement, the Center will assign an Event Manager to facilitate event planning and implementation. Your Event Manager will serve as the primary Center liaison through the conclusion of the event.

The major function of your Event Manager is to gather all event information and disseminate it to the appropriate departments. These departments include engineering, event security staff, housekeeping, set-up, audio-visual, emergency medical services, electrical, telecommunications/Internet, food and beverage, technical services, police, and fire services.

It is important to remember that the Broward County Convention Center is a multi-purpose facility. The Center may have events occurring simultaneously in the building. Your Event Manager will rely on the information given to coordinate public areas for multiple events. By receiving this information in advance, your Event Manager will ensure the smooth operation of your event.

Signed license agreement must be returned with a deposit
30 days after mailing
Executed license agreement is provided to client when deposit and signed contracts are returned
1 week later
Review event planning guide
Pre-planning stage
Select Service Contractor: decorator
Pre-planning stage
Submit three floor plans to your Event Manager
2 months prior to event
Final rental deposit
2 months prior to event
Submit event specs to your Event Manager
2 months prior to event
Request order forms for exhibitor kits
Prior to mailing of exhibit kits
Catering/Booth Service
Event Security
Telecommunications: Internet & Telephone
Receive Event Services Estimate from your Event Manager
30 days after mailing
Submit certificate of insurance
30 days after mailing
Finalize event staff schedules
30 days after mailing
Finalize special services with your Event Manager 2monthspriortoevent
2 months prior to event
Box Office
EMT/First Aid
Fire Watch
Info Desk
Marshaling Yard
Finalize audio-visual needs and technical services
30 days prior to event
Submit payment of Event Services Estimate to your Event Manager
14 days prior to event