April 26, 2018

Our Weather-Ready & Hurricane-Proof Convention Center

Hurricane preparedness is a year-round initiative at our Convention Center. We continually update our best practices for disaster response and recovery, and we identify any security issues and current vulnerabilities, such as conference venue renovations and maintenance projects planned for that time of year.

Weather-Ready & Hurricane-Proof Convention Center

Our convention and meeting facility collaborates with private sector organizations and government agencies such as Broward County Emergency Management, Port Everglades, NOAA and the U.S. Coast Guard, as well as facility vendors and other related entities regarding each one’s role, and have detailed procedures in place for weather watches, advisories and warnings. If a storm is brewing, communication is of primary importance, and that includes staying in close contact with meeting planners whose groups may be affected.

In 2017, there were wildfires in California and throughout the Northwest. Major snowstorms with severe weather hit the Northwest, Southwest, Southeast and Northeast in January. Hurricanes impacted Houston, Puerto Rico and parts of Florida, among other places. While here in South Florida we obviously prefer years with no hurricanes at all, we are grateful for the advantage of modern, long-range hurricane forecasting and our SMG team’s extensive pre-planning efforts when a storm begins so we can protect our conference facilities.

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