Security / Event Staffing - Magnetometer and Bag Check (Exclusive)

The Center Event Security Staff is provided exclusively by Allied Universal Services include: show and overnight event staff, badge checkers, ticket takers, coat & luggage check, etc. Event Staff are required for all events during move-in, event, and move-out hours. These costs are in addition to the rental agreement. Allied Universal representatives will be in contact to develop a comprehensive, cost-effective personnel plan. Minimal staffing will be at the discretion of Center Management as deemed appropriate after carefully considering the nature and character of the event.

Event Staff services will be provided under the following guidelines:

  1. Mandatory over 300ppl
  2. A four (4) hour minimum per person per day.
  3. One or more assigned fixed positions will require a supervisor.
  4. On calls of six or more, additional rover/relief staff will be scheduled.
  5. Additional positions including the loading docks will require coverage during event move-in and move-out hours.
  6. Additional coverage may be required based upon needs of the event.
  7. The Center’s Event Staff/Security will staff all credential entrances.
  8. Any door(s) utilized for ingress/egress during move-in, move-out and show hours are required to be staffed.
  9. Event Staff/Security is required on all events that leave materials/supplies in the Center overnight.
  10. External traffic/pedestrian safety post is required dependent on the attendance and nature of event’s ingress and egress.
  11. Due to the nature of event, security will be mandate in high traffic areas to maintain safety of event facilities 

Contact: Rory Siegel | 561.445.3323 |