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Marketing Support & branding Services

The Greater Fort Lauderdale/Broward Convention Center offers a variety of marketing services designed to:

  • Elevate Brand Awareness
  • Increase Event Profitability
  • Enhance the Guest Experience
  • Grow Event Attendance

Our team is proud to offer a network of low to no-cost services and expertise in marketing strategy and activation within our building and in the larger South Florida market. We provide a consultative approach to customize marketing campaigns based on event details to ensure our partners exceed revenue and attendance goals.

In-House Digital Marketing Services

  • Customized Event Landing Page– Your event will be featured on our website through a customized branded landing page featuring event details, sales information and more. The event page will be updated to include day-of event information designed to provide proactive guest services and notices such as traffic advisories, parking information, dining options, sponsor activations and other amenities.
  • Social Media Engagement – Creative posts across the Convention Center's social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn) that include event announcements, news, updates, photos, videos and promotions. Interactions will be shared to boost awareness and drive ticket sales or registration.
  • Email Campaigns – Your guests will receive up-to-date information about your event in real time through e-newsletters and campaigns. Designed to provide proactive guest services, campaigns can include traffic advisories, parking information, dining options, sponsor activations and other amenities.
  • Website Banners – Creation of digital ads for display on the Convention Center website to increase event awareness or support sponsorship activation.

Enhanced digital communications and building technology offer Event Planners innovative ways to showcase brands, drive attendance and provide important proactive and real-time event information.

Venue Digital Monitors & Branding

  • Customized banner signage throughout the building
  • Video/logo loops displayed on digital monitors
  • Customized digital LED displays & wayfinding
  • Sponsorship activation
  • Local advertising placement
  • Onsite media relations
  • Event production marketing integration
  • Event photography & videography
  • Promotions & merchandising
  • Destination marketing management

Looking to showcase your brand, promote your sponsors or engage your attendees?  The Convention Center offers packages for event planners to display custom content on 50+ in-house digital monitors strategically located throughout the building. The Convention Center also offers expertise and services to maximize ROI for event planners through marketing, advertising, promotions, photographer, media relations and more.

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